Walking safariS

with guide and armed Wildlife Police Officer

  • The walking safaris are best in the early morning at 6.00 AM and early afternoon from 2.30 PM.
  • Our walking safaris are relaxed, the pace is comfortable and Kyle will adjust the walk to suit the slowest member. Walks usually only cover a couple of miles with frequent stops for scenery, birds and animals. Each walk can be designed for the clients wants.
  • Guests are given a thorough safety briefing and orientation before each walk. In the interests of safety, mediocre fitness and mobility are required in order to participate in walks. 
  • Your professional guide will be carrying a first aid kit, radio and additional water. The client will have a water bottle in a custom-made sling for easy carrying.
  • The Wildlife Police Officer from the Department of National Parks and Wildlife accompanies walking safaris and is well trained. He walks with a .375 caliber rifle, in front with your professional guide and protects the group in the very unlikely event of an aggressive animal encounter.

Day & Night Drive

The drives take place in prime game viewing areas and may involve a short walk to reach the vehicle depending on the remoteness of the area.


Canoe Safaris 

Kyle Branch leads all canoes safaris and the back-up paddlers, that pilot each canoe with clients in, are experienced Tusk and Mane staff. Kyle and the canoe team will quietly paddle you through any of the 3 incredibly beautiful channels that break away from the main river. Depending on what the clients want to experience on the day and the time length they want on the canoe safari, we would suggest the Inkalange, Chifungulu or Discovery channel as well as parts of the main river. Each channel is of a different length and the habitats surrounding them differ too.

Fly Fishing elephants.jpg

Boating & Fishing


  • Birding
  • Photography- the clients have an exciting and new angle for photography from the water in relation to the animals on the rivers’ banks.
  • Sundowners are a magical treat on the Zambezi River.


  • Available throughout the whole season- May to November.
  • Strictly Catch & Release as well as strict procedures when handling the fish to ensure the best chance of survival, helping the fish populations in the Lower Zambezi to increase. 
  • Our Pontoon boat offers a stable platform for 2 fly fisherman or 6 Fishermen spinning. 
  • The Aliboat is also large enough for 4 fishermen to comfortably fish off.
  • All equipment provided: Quality Tigerfish, Vundu, Bream rods and reels, along with all the tackle and spinners/lures needed.